How Fresh is our Fruit? Usually it’s picked the same morning that you buy it. That’s what makes fruit from the Market taste so much better. Our Fruit is picked ripe, it’s not stored in a warehouse and shipped across the country. Our farmers bring you ripe fruit, straight from the vine. Grab a strawberry and taste the differance.


Delicious, nutritious and inexpensive. That’s how to describe the vegetables you’ll find at the Market. Plus, our veggies are picked ripe, try a fresh tomato, and you’ll taste the difference of locally grown produce.


Available April through July. Come Spruce up your garden. Browse our huge selection of Annuals and Perennials. Find the perfect flower to compliment your garden.


Give your garden a new look. Choose from the many varities of decorative bushes and shrubs at the Market. Available April through July.


Our Jams, Jellies and Preserves are sure to impress everyone. Many Varieties to choose from. Provided Fresh by your local farmers.


Fresh, Real Honey. Did you know that bees make different types of honey, depending on what type of plant they get their nectar from? Try something exciting. Ask your local farmer about the difference. Spice up your tea, cookies, or pancakes, with a jar of fresh honey.


The perfect taste treat! Try any variety of sausage, from low fat chicken sausage, to polish and italian varieties. Browse the selection on your next visit, and take home something special for dinner that’s sure to please.


Fresh Maple Syrup is the perfect addition to your favorite recipe. Use it for breakfast, or try it for baking.


Fresh Herbs and Spice blends, available at the market. Take home a fresh plant of your favorite spice. Basil, Oregano, Cilantro, and many more available for you to take home and put in your windowsill. Or get a flavorful spice blend, made by one of your local farmers.


Fresh made by our farmers and vendors. Treat yourself to a home made pie, cookies, breads, muffins and more.

New at the market JJ’s Baked goods, selling a deliscious variety of handmade treats. Plus organic breads from Fancy and Deliscious Baking Collective. Join them at the market on Saturdays.


That’s Right, the market is open year round!

Check out our huge selection of fresh healthy Christmas Trees at the Clinton Bailey Market.
Many varieties and heights are available. Including White Pines, Blue Spruce and many more.

You’ll also find wreaths, syrup, and other seasonal crafts, available throughout December.

We have sold out of Christmas trees for the 2020 season!

Thank you for supporting Clinton Bailey Farmers & Flea Market.


The Clinton Bailey Farmers Market is home to many of Western New York ‘s Finest Growers. The Growers of the Clinton Bailey Farmers Market come from many of the surrounding counties, and grow some of the areas best tasting and most interesting fruits, vegetables and herbs.

The growers of the Clinton Bailey Farmers Market have helped shape the food local food supply since 1931. Growers are at the market every Tuesday Thursday and Saturday with bountiful supplies. Our Growers supply everything from fruits and vegetables to some of the most beautiful annuals, and hard to find perennials in Western New York .

Eating healthy fresh ad locally grown fruits and vegetables adds the benefit and security of knowing where your food originates. Weather you need a basket of apples for that fresh homemade pie, or 50 bushels, our farmers can accommodate you.
Come and visit us at the Clinton Bailey Farmers Market and meet the growers who proudly grow your food locally. Our friendly and helpful growers will assist you with any of your needs.