The Niagara Frontier Growers Co-operative Market, Inc. was born in October 1930. The objectives of the co-op were to promote, foster and encourage the intelligent and orderly marketing of agricultural products between producer and consumer. The co-op was also formed to make the distribution of agricultural products between producer and consumer as direct and efficient possible.

Niagara Frontier Growers leased the land from the railroad until the 1950’s when it then purchased the land. Over the years , the Market became known as the Clinton-Bailey Farmers Market and has become a vital link in Western New York’s food distribution.

Over the years, many Western New York farmers and growers have brought some of the finest locally grown products to the Market for distribution. Some farmers traveled more than 2 hours to sell their goods at the Market. In the early years of the Market many of the farmers would transport their goods by horse and buggy!

Today, the location of the Clinton-Bailey Farmers Market is central within the growing region and central within the “food distribution hub” of the City of Buffalo. Hundreds of thousands of customers pass through the Market each year to purchase fresh locally grown goods direct from the farmer insuring healthy eating and savings to the end consumer.

The Market has also become a desired destination for those looking to purchase flowers, vegetable plants, herbs, shrubs and Christmas Trees. Many wholesale buyers include major grocers, institutions, neighborhood markets, restaurants, caterers, garden centers and other farm market stands that come to the Market every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning as early as 4:00 AM.